The top-notch PIV Solution for your test facility… Fully automated PIV, completely integrated into your tunnel management system: PIV results at the push of a button.

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To make PIV cost-benefit efficient and available on an industrial scale, an important step had to be implemented beforehand: Automation. Since 2013, ILA_5150 has beaten this challenge and offers fully automated, robotic solutions to simplify your measurement task at hand. PIV results just by pushing a button is no longer fiction, but already up and running at our customers tunnels in the F1 motorsport world.

For more detailed information about crucial components and the challenges regarding such systems, see our latest publication on the topic

RoboPIV uses the full potential of three independent robots synchronized in the same frame of reference. This offers a high degree of flexibility for measuring your Stereo PIV plane. An advanced interface enables communication directly to your wind tunnel management system. Once up and running, a single trigger is enough to start the whole automated procedure giving you flow field results within a couple of minutes.

However, each task is different. For your task, a partial automated, robot-enhanced solution might be sufficient enough at a more economic level. Possibilities and combinations are endless, giving you valuable insights you wouldn’t believe. Just talk to us.

Typical Applications

  • Aerodynamics in large wind tunnels
  • Research & Development