Hardware related Software

Here you can find a selection of our software tools we ship with our hardware.

Hardware is nothing without control. Our hardware always comes with its own software, so you don’t have to worry about how to control it. To simplify communication, we are relying on the TCP/IP protocol. This gives you the benefit of being able to connect our hardware via ethernet. Not only does this reduce your internal wiring, but the open TCP/IP standard grants you access to control our hardware remotely: either integrate our tools into your own environment, or use our supplied software on its own.

  • ILACamWare: an adapted Version of PCOs Camware; tailorfit to simplify PIV image acquisition with our ILA.PIV Cameras
  • Synchronizer: Timing is everything… especially for PIV. Control our Synchronizer via a fully configurable GUI.
  • LaserControl: Control and monitor your Quantel Evergreen via PC
  • EOS Control: With our EOS-Rings, you are able to control Focus and Aperture of your Canon Lens remotely; here’s the software to do so…!
  • SigMa – Signal Management Software: Precise timing beyond the task of PIV…Full control of all 12 out- and 6 input channels of our synchronizer. Combine your inputs freely to generate complex TTL output sequences, all presented in a familiar time line diagram.
  • SeedValveSwitcher: Switch your hardware on and off via ethernet
  • TiltMount: Control your motorized scheimpflugmounts.
  • TrvMan: Control your traversing hardware.
  • B16 Viewer: examine your PIV raw data in an instant, using simple, but powerful features, such as quick switching between doubleframes, dynamic range adaption and format conversion.
  • Device Finder: Did you ever lose hardware? We can’t really help to find it, but we sure can tell you, whether it’s still connected somewhere in your network.