Timing Units / Synchronizer

Timing is everything; especially in the fast world of PIV. When your flow is supersonic and your laser pulse just 5 nanoseconds wide, you want to be sure that everything is in-sync…

The Synchronizer coordinates timing in between your PIV hardware. Foremost timing in between camera and laser system. This is to ensure, you have correct sequences and delays (in the necessary order of nanoseconds) to measure properly. The sequence is programmed through a convenient, PIV-adapted GUI using an ethernet connection.


Since years, the Synchronizer has been our working horse: While on the outside, it more or less stays the same, we are constantly optimizing the interior design. This relates to both, hard- and software, due to your feedback or the latest development in electronics.


Upon special customer request and based on our experience with the Synchronizer, we developed a freely programmable timing unit: The Signal Manager (SigMa). This unit is designed to handle and logically combine up to 6 TTL inputs to up to 12 TTL Outputs. With a signal resolution down to nanoseconds and a jitter in the order of picoseconds, you can be sure that your connected hardware is perfectly synced.