Standard Light Sheet Optics (LSO)

Parallel LSO

PIV measurements require a light sheet with well-defined geometrical characteristics and intensity distribution. ILA_5150 offers a range of integrated LSO that are compact, modular and simple to adjust. Our LSOs are compatible with all commercial Nd:YAG lasers with energies up to 600 mJ/pulse, especially recommended for lasers with high divergent beams due to the special collimator design. The collimator allows to focus the light sheet down to a thickness of less than 1mm while the axial position of the focal point can still be adjusted.

The included cylindrical lens-kit (16°, 30° and 50°) allows different opening angles for an optimal adaption of energy per area for your setup. An optional cylindrical lens mount is available to parallelize the second beam axis, generating a 50mm light sheet over a long distance


  • Single, extendable unit
  • Simple adjustment of both light sheet thickness and divergence angle
  • 360-degree adjustable light sheet orientation
  • Multiple light sheet thickness and angles ranges
  • Mounts on articulated mirror arm
  • High energy level over long distance when using parallel mount
  • Light volume illumination with additional collimation optics
  • also available as UV version


  • Dimensions: 300- 400 mm x Ø60 mm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Aperture: Ø50 mm (standard design)
  • Lenses: 4 lenses, anti-reflection coating, energy threshold 4,5 J/cm2
  • Light sheet divergence angle: 3 lenses: 16°, 30° and 50°
  • Adjustable focal distance range: 100...3000 mm
  • Min. Light Sheet Thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Volume illumination: 45 to ~50 mm diameter