Seeding / Particles

The “P” in PIV. The choice of particles always depends on your flow and the surrounding conditions.

No PIV without Particles… and as with every other component, the choice strongly depends on the task at hand. Ideally, the used particles have the same density as the surrounding fluid. If that is the case, barely any slip occurs in between particles and fluid. Therefore, measured particles velocities can be projected onto the fluid. Finally, this results in the desired flow field velocities distribution.

This leaves two basic questions: Which particles and how to get them into your fluid?


Depending on your application and fluid, the optimal seeding solution may vary from the most economic one. On the other hand, the most economic one might not applicable for your specific task. We are able to offer a variety of particles …from coated microspheres over metal oxide powders to biodegradable atomizing fluid…one should do the trick for your task.

Seeding Generators

Since years, we are happy to provide all of PIVTECs Seeding Solutions from liquid atomization to powder dispersion.