Inspired by our customers and based on our experience in PIV, we have a variety of components to support you where you need it.


Through our long-term collaboration with world renown camera manufactures, we are able to integrate high quality PIV cameras into our systems. Just take a look…


A crucial part of every PIV System is software. From a small GUI to adjust your Scheimpflug mount, via an integral PIV evaluation software up to a fully automated system, we offer in-house solutions that help you to fulfil your PIV task. Choose from our powerful stand-alone software packages, or our hardware related tools…


Your powerful (green) flashlight… From low to high in power and repetition rate.

Timing Units / Synchronizer v2

Timing is everything; especially in the fast world of PIV. When your flow is supersonic and your laser pulse just 5 nanoseconds wide, you want to be sure that everything is in-sync…

Move & Control

Move & Control your Equipment via ethernet. Optical systems rely on accurate calibration and positioning. From remotely controlled lenses, to fully automated robots; there’s a lot automation can do for you …

Optical Components

Image based measurement techniques are all about illumination. To get the most out of your light source, shaping your beam the right way is one thing…, getting it to where it’s needed another! Our optical components give you just that amount of flexibility you need.

Seeding / Particles

The “P” in PIV. The choice of particles always depends on your flow and the surrounding conditions.