LED Pulsing System PIV

It doesn’t always have to be laser… Use our ultra-bright LED illumination solution without laser safety issues! Get different wavelengths combined with a fully flexible timing (true cw to pulsed kHz).

Our LPS System is a highly versatile light source. With its fine-tuned characteristics, the system is one of the brightest LED illumination solutions available on the market. Whether it’s volume illumination or a light sheet you’re looking for; exchangeable mounts offer flexibility from standard optical arrangements to fibre coupled light sheet optics. Our integrated and intuitive timing unit gives you full control over your pulse sequence: from pulsed light to continuous light (true cw), with a pulse width down to the order of µs. Internal timing is handled using our well-known Synchronizer. Several wavelengths can be offered, ranging from 400nm to 650 nm, as well as white light in different temperatures. LEDs can be easily replaced by the user to simplify servicing.

Among the standard scientific use, it is also ideally suitable for PIV teaching purposes. Since there are no laser safety issues, the principle and functionalities of a PIV system can easily be trained and tested.

To put it simple, if you need a ridiculously bright LED with an intuitive interface, easily integrated into your network via ethernet which his capable of true cw and pulsed mode, our LPS is your weapon of choice.

Typical Applications

  • (µ)PIV
  • Educational PIV
  • BOS
  • Shadowgraphy
  • PSP